The 3 Rs of Branding

As those eager students head back to school to build their skills in reading, (w)riting and (a)rithmetic, it may be a good time for you to review your own branding 3 Rs.  For many organizations, those key metrics are Recognition, Reputation and Recall.  While these are often critical goals from a brand’s perspective and excellent metrics to use in measuring an ad campaign, I believe it is always smarter to think about what is most compelling from your customers’ perspectives.  brandimage

Here is my take on the 3 Rs of branding, especially when it comes to developing and evaluating customer-focused brand executions:

  1. Real. Does it fit with what customers know about the brand?  Can they quickly and easily understand the message?  Does the message have credibility?  Can it be believed and trusted?
  2. Relevant. Does it speak to a customer need or interest?  Is the tone and delivery authentic?  Does it tap into a truth – a fact, a feeling, an experience that your customers know in their core?
  3. Refreshing. Does it present the brand or message in a new and interesting way?  Is it something people might talk about or share?  Does it spark a strong emotional response?

Your engagement with customers and prospects will reveal what you need to know to make sure your executions are real and relevant.  Use your social media, sales calls, website analytics, market research and other data and customer connections to deeply understand their needs, values and life experiences.  Insights should come from all areas of your organization, not just marketing.

Understanding your customers is key.  But it is also important to understand your competitive environment and how your customers perceive all of their options.  Make sure you are regularly monitoring your market and the competition, especially their brand positions and messages.

Then unleash the creativity of your staff or marketing partners to develop standout refreshing ideas!  Don’t take the conservative approach and do the same old thing you have always done.  But also don’t execute on something different just for novelty’s sake – make sure it is real and relevant, too.

Do you have your own 3 Rs for executing your brand?  I’d love to hear about it.

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