Questions are at the core of a researcher’s work and can be an underappreciated skill. Formulating questions to elicit valid and useful responses is the foundation of every survey, focus group discussion,  interview guide, recruitment screener, and more.  But researchers are not the only professionals who ask questions to gain insights.    Look around any organization […]

So much has changed and continues to evolve with workforce. A short list includes unfilled positions, shifting expectations for work flexibility, the impact of the COVID pandemic, generational differences, and more.   The great resignation continues, as 44% of workers are still considering quitting their job (2022 FlexJobs research). Retaining your current employees is more […]

Brand loyalty is a key strategy for most organizations. The segment of customers or donors who are supportive, engaged, and loyal often have an outsized impact on a company or non-profit organization’s success. Many academic and market research studies have shown the impact of brand loyalty on purchasing and a company’s bottom line. In evaluating […]

                          Timely information is a reliable rudder during changing times, yet we often get comfortable in predictable routines when it comes to our market insights efforts.  We default to the same old satisfaction survey or a focus group without giving it much thought. Taking a different or fuller approach to how you evaluate markets, customers, and prospects […]

Iowa Fireworks Regulations Opinions In Iowa, fireworks regulations have been a hot topic since 2017 when the long-standing ban on them was removed. Since then, fireworks sales tents began popping up in nearly every large empty space around the state, from Walmart parking lots to rural highways. Since the removal of the total ban, there […]

The current COVID 19 virus pandemic has altered the living, working, and buying behaviors of customers in almost every industry and product/service category. While many of these changes are driven by business closures, social distancing, and other, hopefully, short-term practices, some of the effects may become permanent.   People who rarely cooked are spending more […]

Consumers make many decisions before purchasing a product or service. They decide: How much and what kind of information they need to make a purchase How they will obtain information about their options If they will comparison shop or not When they will make their purchase How they will make their purchase Where they will […]

It would be hard to find a person who works in a business anywhere on this planet who doesn’t know what ROI means. From agribusiness to zoos, middle managers and VPs know they need to document a strong return on investment whenever they advocate for new expenditures, programs, or staffing to their c-suite. Should ROI […]