Vernon Research Group is an experienced, full-service market research provider that delivers more than expected for our clients. Our advanced research methodologies, combined with our responsive customer service and focus on business issues, give clients the reliable insights they need to make sound decisions, develop plans and move their organizations forward. Our service lasts beyond the completion of the research project as we can assist with the communication and application of results.



We are curious about all types of businesses and organizations and have deep experience in a range of industries. This broad experience helps us bring creativity and a fresh look to our clients’ projects. We look forward to finding out more about a client’s customers, members, supporters or citizens by delving into the environments they operate and live in.

Whether it’s a start-up business that needs a feasibility study or a large global company that wants to deeply understand customer expectations through needs analysis, we’ll explore and reveal the types of insights that can be immediately applied to strategic and tactical initiatives.


We give all our clients the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback at the end of each research project.  Click the following link to see some of the recent reviews.  https://www.vernonresearch.com/?page_id=959&preview=true


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Client Testimonial

“Linda and Vernon Research has been an invaluable partner in my recent advertising programs. She has a great gift in providing her strategic insight in designing our marketing research while also being very adaptable based on the client's desire.”

- Carter Welch, Denali Growth Partners

Market Research Guides

Use our comprehensive guides in your planning and execution of research projects. We have guides on Best Practices for Qualitative Research, Pricing Research, and Market Research Costs. Access our free ebooks today