Presently, it seems like everyone is involved in innovation. What most people discover is that more than just a good idea is needed to realize success. Innovation must be grounded in human needs, competitive in the current market, and profitable. Market research can help in all of these areas, from identifying unmet user needs, to […]

I’m just a soul whose intentions are good Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.  (Animals) Generations receive a great deal of attention from social scientists and marketers. They are often, however, broadly characterized and sometimes misunderstood. Fueling or implying these generational stereotypes in your marketing, communications, or organizational processes can hurt your employee engagement, […]

Four Factors that Most Impact Online Survey Completion Rates Survey fatigue is a real thing.  Marketers and researchers operating in the B2B world and niche consumer markets are often challenged to reach their sample goals.  Maximizing completion rates (number of participants who pass through the qualifying screening questions and then complete the survey) is one way […]

When business planning for 2018, did you invest resources in updating your organization’s market analysis? Prioritizing this work regularly, even annually, can pay off in market share, revenue, and profitability. Often, when an owner launches a business or an executive joins a company, she will spend a great deal of time analyzing the market, customers, […]

Over the last few years, customer journey mapping and evaluating customer experience has been a hot topic in many industries.  However, sometimes companies may wonder if the effort and cost of such an initiative is worth it. Will they see an equal return on investment in revenue, customer retention, referrals, or stock price? One thing […]

Most companies offer sales, special discounts, or rebates to move merchandise, increase sales, bring in new customers, or reward frequent customers. But how often are you testing different options to see which one(s) achieve your goals quicker or more profitably? Do you always run a BOGO (buy one, get one half off or free) sale to […]

Have you had an experience like this? You purchase a product, check out of a hotel, or finish a meal at a new restaurant. The salesperson or other employee alerts you that you will be receiving a customer satisfaction survey and they would appreciate you giving them all 10s if you were satisfied. Don’t let your […]

In business, we often focus on the competition or our bottom line, while assuming that we already know all we need to know about how our customers feel about our services or products. But, according to an article in Inc., two of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make are: Not connecting with customers by providing […]

In a recent American Marketing Association (AMA) article, the authors identified seven challenges for marketing leaders today. The challenge they identified as the top, most-important one? How to effectively target high-value sources of growth. As the AMA article reminded marketing professionals: “With all the fascination with new marketing concepts, digital technologies and new tactics, there […]

In situations where businesses need help predicting how consumers make complex choices and what they value most, we often recommend using conjoint analysis. This powerful quantitative method for market research helps businesses determine how people value different attributes of a product or service in consumer and business-to-business markets. The most powerful part of the data […]