Moving people or goods from one place to the next is a basic service, but those buying transportation services have many options to choose from and a wide range of expectations for the transportation or travel experience. Pricing is often a critical factor in these decisions, but most people are willing to pay more if you are able to meet their needs better than your competition. Research can help you make smarter decisions regarding services, scheduling, staffing, equipment, marketing and more.


At Vernon Research Group, we have conducted research with those working in the transportation services industry and those utilizing these services, including

  • Commercial air travelers, business and leisure
  • Private business jet owners and pilots
  • Commercial pilots and flight crew
  • City bus passengers
  • Non-profit van transportation users
  • Bicycle commuters
  • Dispatchers
  • Airport managers
  • Truck drivers
  • Trail users
  • Vehicle drivers using city and county roads
  • Ambulance customers

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