Director of Qualitative Research, Partner Andrew leads qualitative projects and has nearly two decades of research experience in a variety of industries and fields, such as psychiatry, neurology, social work, oncology, pediatrics, agriculture, organizational management and education.  As a skilled mixed-methods researcher, he excels at analyzing transcripts and written responses, finding a distinct “voice” and […]

Director of Quantitative Research, Partner Lori, with a background in the areas of psychology, statistics, educational research, and program evaluation, leads quantitative projects at Vernon Research. Her advanced analysis skills help our clients understand the motivations behind customer, prospect or member behaviors.   Lori has a hand in all aspects of our projects, from start […]

President, Partner Melding deep experience in marketing, research and management from multiple industries, Linda guides clients throughout a project – from selecting the appropriate market research strategy to applying the findings.  As president, she keeps hers eyes glued on your research goals and makes sure you gain the insights you need to take action. Linda […]