The publishing and media environments continue to wrestle with dramatic changes. People now expect to be able to listen to, watch, read, and access the information they want, when they want and where they want.

At Vernon Research, we can provide you with the research-based insights to improve your competitive advantage. The ability to forecast the likely success of new content, products and services and delivery methods, as well as the measurement of market segmentation and market size, can give your company a critical advantage.

Whether your research objective is to understand customers’ needs and customer satisfaction or to estimate the size of your target market and market share, we make a commitment to provide accurate, up-to-date and cost-effective information that will empower you to make sound, strategic business decisions.


We have conducted the following types of research programs for the communications, publishing and media industry

  • Consumer preferences/usage of online news and associated sites
  • Consumer attitudes toward on-air talent
  • New product and service testing
  • Customer satisfaction baselines/trending
  • Market analysis
  • Distribution satisfaction/preferences
  • Market penetration/expansion
  • New markets
  • Competitive measurements/insights/analysis
  • Brand equity measurement and development
  • Advertising effectiveness/message tracking and trending
  • Community issues – polling, issues identification and in-depth analysis
  • Newsletter/magazine testing
  • Message and image testing

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