Professional services are essential to every industry. For companies marketing professional services, brand image and the creation and development of mutually-profitable relationships are key to success. At Vernon Research, we will help you identify the most critical priorities that require action in order to improve customer retention and profitability. We can give you a deeper understanding of all of the interactions that take place between your brand and your customers, your customers and your employees. We are committed to helping you optimize and strengthen your relationships with all your key stakeholders, including consumers, partners, stockholders and employees.


We have conducted custom research programs for engineering, accounting, advertising, consulting and marketing services firms

  • Customer satisfaction baseline/trending
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand and image measurement, including current client and prospective client awareness and preferences
  • Service concept and prototype testing
  • Product concept prototype testing
  • Segmentation and customer profiling studies
  • Re-branding studies for general and niche markets
  • Ongoing customer service studies
  • Employee training program testing
  • Workplace diversity issues
  • Market studies – expectations of potential customers
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction

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