Today, the non-profit sector faces many challenges similar to the private sector such as the need to increase revenue, retain a dedicated workforce, generate brand awareness or identify best practices. Other challenges can include identifying the most effective fundraising methods and volunteer recruitment. The non-profit sector can use market research to understand its clients, members, volunteers, donors or other stakeholder groups and help determine priorities, programs, services, and communications – so important with a limited budget.

At Vernon Research Group, we can test or investigate new services or evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of specific fundraising activities. Be it human services, arts and entertainment, museum, education, conservation, or health care services, understanding the most effective methods can make your non-profit’s efforts and activities more successful.


Vernon Research Group has employed the following types of research programs for non-profit organizations

  • Community issues identification
  • Feasibility studies prior to fundraising
  • Competitive analysis
  • Citizen/member awareness and satisfaction baseline/trending
  • Membership recruitment and retention issues
  • Donor studies
  • Quality-of-life attributes for communities/regions
  • Critical needs assessments/local/regional
  • New product and service testing
  • Admission pricing studies
  • Zoo, trails, parks interest/support
  • Visitor events and attractions/preferences/visitor behaviors
  • Support for financial referendums
  • Library needs/support
  • Recreation and sports stadium polling/issues identification
  • Recreation and nature center polling/issues identification
  • Consumer awareness and behaviors
  • Government officials/employees support for non-profit initiatives

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