The technology industry is constantly dealing with change – from new start-ups to innovations to regulations. Staying on top of the competitive landscape and deeply understanding customer needs are requirements for survival.

Vernon Research Group has the advanced market research expertise and tools to help clients in the technology sector gather competitive intelligence, measure brand, test new ideas, and fine-tune pricing.  Whether you need data to commercialize an innovation, analysis to reveal what drives customer satisfaction, or insights to develop a unique brand identity, our experienced team can help.

Examples of the types of companies we have worked with:

  • Internet service providers
  • Network transmission services
  • Rugged server manufacturer
  • Cybersecurity training services
  • Phone app developers
  • Website services providers
  • Smart-enabled device/equipment manufacturers (consumer, B2B, and agricultural)
  • Home security systems
  • Flight management systems


We have conducted the following types of studies:

  • Market feasibility
  • New product and service testing
  • Customer experience/satisfaction
  • Customer needs
  • Competitive analysis
  • New markets
  • Brand studies
  • Advertising/messaging effectiveness

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