Government and civic organizations are interested in understanding how they can build efficient and effective policies, programs and communication efforts. These issues can be sensitive in nature, and many citizens are often reluctant to voice their opinions. At Vernon Research, we have developed methods and procedures for obtaining the information needed to answer the questions at hand. Our goal is to help our government and civic organizations better understand their stakeholder groups so they can prioritize goals, manage issues, enhance reputations, measure shifts in attitudes and opinions, and identify better methods of communication. City development/branding, quality-of-life, community improvement, and taxpayer satisfaction are examples of issues that can be addressed with market research.


We have conducted custom government and civic research programs including

  • City study on millennial perceptions/needs
  • Homeowner/landowner watershed management practices and perceptions
  • Citizen needs/preferences for library services
  • Taxpayer preferences for city funding
  • Government polling changes/issues identification
  • Candidate polling/issues identification
  • Taxpayer satisfaction baseline/trending
  • Quality-of-life attributes for communities/regions
  • Local special election issues
  • Critical needs assessments/local/regional
  • Community recycling program attitudes/preferences
  • Solid waste management community attitudes
  • Sports stadium polling/issues identification
  • Recreation and nature center polling/issues identification
  • Community school improvements polling/issues identification
  • Visitor event and attractions/preferences/visitor behaviors
  • Convention and visitor bureau appeal/business-to-business/tourist groups/independent
  • Public transit riders’ profiles/attitudes
  • Public parking users’ attitudes/preferences

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