Knowing your customers is an essential ingredient of success in any business, and funeral homes are no exception. This industry generally competes on non-price considerations, such as quality of services, atmosphere, location, reputation and prior experience or knowledge of services. Which attributes are most important to consumers when making a buying decision? How well do you rate against your competition? What is your reputation in the community? Consumers want peace-of-mind when making funeral home decisions. At Vernon Research Group, we use advanced analysis methodologies to define which decision factors consumers equate with peace-of-mind.


Vernon Research Group has conducted the following types of research programs on behalf of funeral homes

  • Family satisfaction studies
  • Competitive market analysis
  • Pre-purchase discovery studies on existing funeral homes
  • Brand/image/advertising measurement
  • Testing new products and services
  • Testing attitudes and opinions toward cremation services
  • Testing new facility options
  • Branch expansion studies
  • New home feasibility studies
  • Price testing

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