The food and beverage industry is diverse and competition is typically intense. Profitability is varied, with net margins from 1% to 2% for supermarkets to 15% for alcoholic beverages. And consumers of food/beverage products and services are just as diverse, with a broad range of needs, attitudes and behaviors.

We understand consumer behavior with regard to food and beverages, from how they plan or shop, to the role that packaging or the purchase experience plays. We have used both qualitative and quantitative research methods to deeply understand consumer preferences, pinpoint factors that drive purchases and repeat usage, and reveal messages and experiences that build customer loyalty.


Examples of studies Vernon Research has designed and executed in the food and beverage industry

  • Multiple studies for large supermarket chain, including health food section, that provided insights on brand, merchandising, advertising, web content and more
  • Regional brand and competitive market studies for large convenience/food market chains that were used to redesign stores, reconfigure product selections and more
  • New food product/pricing for top food market chain
  • Customer study for food cooperative
  • Brand studies for regional sub sandwich restaurant chain
  • Statewide study of wine purchasers for government promotion board
  • Designing kitchens study (part of national ethnography study)
  • Studies for national manufacturer and retailer of nuts and nut-based products focused on consumer preferences, packaging, and product development
  • Food and drink taste tests (restaurants and manufacturers)
  • Coffeehouse and restaurant design consumer study
  • Consumer study for new cooking oil
  • Restaurant consumer preference and satisfaction studies
  • Steak and ground beef studies for retailer
  • Market study for regional food home delivery service
  • Country club dining services
  • University dining services

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