Energy companies must know and understand their marketplace. Using this knowledge, they can successfully leverage themselves in order to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty and build relationships with potential customers. Regulatory issues, green energy, technology and the environment are some of the topics that need to be addressed to remain competitive.

By using advanced market research and analysis methodologies, Vernon Research Group can provide in-depth industry knowledge and an understanding of customer needs and responses to the issues facing the energy and utility industry.

We have conducted a variety of energy and utilities market research studies, including public opinion polls, customer satisfaction studies and competitive measurements. These studies involve energy stakeholders – both residential and commercial – providing insights that guide product and service development and enhance marketing strategy, messaging and sales.


We have conducted a variety of custom research programs for communications and energy utilities companies

  • New product and service testing
    • Business-to-business products: new attributes, bundling preferences
    • Consumer products: new attributes, bundling preferences
  • Customer satisfaction baselines/trending
  • Market analysis/segmentation studies
  • Market penetration/expansion
  • New markets/new branches
  • Competitive measurements/insights/analysis
  • Brand equity measurement and development
  • Best pricing including stand-alone services and bundled services
  • Advertising effectiveness, message tracking and trending
  • Internet use preferences of customers
  • Message and image testing
  • Pricing studies

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