Educational institutions have many challenges in meeting the expectations of their multiple stakeholder groups. Students, parents, staff, government agencies, taxpayers or donors, volunteers, the business community and other groups all have expectations and needs related to the educational organization. Schools, districts, colleges and universities are interested in understanding how they can develop efficient and effective policies, programs, relationships and communications. These issues can sometimes be sensitive in nature.

At Vernon Research, we have developed methods and procedures for obtaining the information needed to answer the questions at hand. Our goal is to help our educational clients gain insights needed to clarify goals, develop strategic plans, manage issues, enhance reputations and identify better methods of communication. For a public school district, examples of issues that can be addressed with market research include support for a bond issue or other funding mechanisms, program or teacher quality, diversity, academic achievement, district policies, and parental involvement. For a community college or private university, market research can be helpful in guiding decisions related to marketing, admissions, student retention, new programs, staff engagement, fund-raising, strategic planning and more.

Our firm is experienced in conducting research with the following groups: Students, parents, teachers/professors, educational agencies, taxpayers, donors, alumni, business community, social agencies and employers.


We have conducted the following types of research programs for both private and public educational organizations

  • Taxpayer polling on financial referendums (bond issues, sales tax options, levies)
  • Community satisfaction and perceptions studies
  • Minority student achievement studies
  • Understanding admissions motives and preferences
  • Student attrition studies
  • Brand studies
  • Testing interest in new program of study (market feasibility)
  • Student housing preferences (conjoint)
  • Issues studies (mergers of schools and name changes)
  • Testing communications pieces
  • School technology issues/attitudes/opinions
  • Community school improvements polling/issues identification
  • Feasibility study for new private schools
  • Competitive analysis
  • Tuition/pricing
  • Marketing and advertising studies


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