Cellular, land lines, voip, cable, satellite, broadband…the communications landscape is becoming increasingly competitive as content providers undergo dramatic change as well. To remain competitive, service providers must understand their market and, most importantly, provide a high level of customer service. In addition, offering the right service bundles at competitive pricing for each market is key.


Examples of custom studies we have provided for cable, cellular, internet, and associated services include:

  • Market analyses for various internet providers
  • Custom satisfaction studies for cable/internet/phone provider
  • Pre-/post-advertising studies
  • Disconnects studies for cellular provider
  • Customer satisfaction studies for cellular provider
  • Market feasibility and pricing study for new channel service
  • Competitive analysis in overbuilt cable service markets
  • Post-election analysis in communities that authorized municipal cable service
  • Market feasibility study for high-speed internet provider
  • Customer needs study for business network services company


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