After each research project, we send an online feedback survey to our clients so we can learn where we met or exceeded expectations and how we can improve.  The survey does not collect personal or company information so the feedback is anonymous and respondents are free to tell us their honest opinions.  Below are some comments provided in recent feedback surveys.

When asked what they were most satisfied with or at the end of the survey where they can leave a comment:

We really appreciated the partnership. For a 1st project working together, the Vernon team made a great impression. The extra updates and explanations from Lori were also well received by our team. I received unsolicited feedback that my team would want to partner together with Vernon in the future. 

Quality of data and the analysis that came with it. 

You truly listened to what our objectives were.  The pace at which you worked was incredible too!! .

Thorough evaluation of data; timely response to questions/requests; overall value of deliverable for our client’s investment. 

Vernon’s background on market research and how to best ask questions, program, etc. 

Level of service. Ability to deliver upon the ask and to be very communicative with solutions (proactively) when challenges arose. 

Consultation, speed to get it ready and done. 

Responsiveness and ownership of taking the project and running with it. 

Expertise, exhaustive work ethic. 

The details of the results of the surveys and the information they provided during the presentations of the results. 

Met timelines, reliable communication. 

Interaction with project team.

And our favorite:  We love VRG!   

When asked how the findings were useful to their organization:

The data will help guide creative and messaging moving forward.  It also gives us a great baseline to measure against in the future. 

Results will be applied to the next advertising campaign our client executes.

This was a lengthy survey and we got a lot of useful market insight from it. 

We are using the results for several things: product use instructions, digital ad spend, modifying messaging. 

 We have yet to complete the analysis but what the survey results represent to the client and us marks an important milestone in understanding their audience, when insights have been traditionally difficult to come by within their specific geographic parameters. 

Feedback from projects when we provided recruiting only or recruit/host services:

Thorough, know what they are doing. Always able to generate high quality respondents. Excellent communication about project status. Very professional and experienced and it shows. Also good coverage of smaller Iowa markets with their panel. 

Fast but attentive to details. 

Great communication, especially during our week of testing. 

Everyone at Vernon is very easy to work with and kind, and it makes qualitative research less painful. 

Efficient, right on target with delivery of good respondents. 

Responsiveness, last minute assistance. 

We welcome the opportunity to provide this level of expertise and service to you!