Companies operating in the financial industry know how critical market insights are to their success. Banks and credit unions often operate in a highly competitive market where understanding brand perceptions and customer satisfaction is key. Organizations marketing investment services or products need to understand customer knowledge, motivations, and concerns to effectively sell. Insurance carriers have the dual challenge of serving the needs of both their distribution channel and the insured.

Vernon Research can gather information concerning reputation, concept testing, new product development, customer needs, market assessment and segmentation, and brand awareness issues that face financial executives and managers on a regular basis. We use advanced market research and analysis methodologies to provide recommendations to address your specific challenges in marketing, channel strategy, new product and service development, branding, and pricing.

We have worked with the following types of companies in the financial space:

  • Banks and credit unions
  • Leasing services providers
  • Investment product providers
  • Dealer/broker services provider
  • Health insurance carriers
  • Consumer insurance carriers
  • Business insurance carriers
  • Fraternal-based insurance organizations

We have conducted the following types of studies:

  • Market studies
  • New product and service testing
  • Customer experience
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer needs
  • Competitive analysis
  • New markets
  • Brand studies
  • Advertising effectiveness/message tracking and trending
  • Newsletter/magazine/podcast testing

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