The agriculture industry continues to move toward increased specialization, standardization, and consolidation (corporate control). At the same time, the growing popularity of organic, locally grown foods reflects consumer concerns about the impact of our industrial food system. There will be many opportunities for companies, organizations and entrepreneurs who can meet the varying needs of farming, agribusiness and consumers. Understanding those needs and the trade-offs involved will be key to success.


Vernon Research Group has designed and executed a broad range of agribusiness studies including:

  • Product and pricing study for large grain company
  • Market study for specialty soy oil
  • Customer studies for herbicide products
  • Agricultural practices study for a government agency
  • Advertising/brand studies for herbicide products
  • On-farm interviews for agricultural company
  • Market needs and pricing studies for rural broadband provider
  • Customer studies and market forecasts for deer repellent product
  • Qualitative research with crop farmers for a farm publication
  • Packaging study for nut wholesaler
  • Market study of precision agriculture (attitudes, brand associations, etc.) for leading equipment manufacturer
  • Customer satisfaction study for agricultural service parts manufacturer
  • Competitive analysis for manufacturer of planting equipment
  • New feature study and pre-/post-advertising study for irrigation equipment manufacturer
  • Brand and advertising study for ag tire manufacturer
  • Dealer study for ag chemical distributor
  • Consumer attitudes and perceptions for state wine promotion board


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