The current COVID 19 virus pandemic has altered the living, working, and buying behaviors of customers in almost every industry and product/service category. While many of these changes are driven by business closures, social distancing, and other, hopefully, short-term practices, some of the effects may become permanent.   People who rarely cooked are spending more […]

Customer experience has been a popular business topic for a while, and rightly so. Without customers, you don’t have a business. The same can also be said for employees. Employees are a main driver for your brand, revenue, and profitability. Yet many organizations don’t monitor or evaluate their employee experience as carefully as they track […]

It would be hard to find a person who works in a business anywhere on this planet who doesn’t know what ROI means. From agribusiness to zoos, middle managers and VPs know they need to document a strong return on investment whenever they advocate for new expenditures, programs, or staffing to their c-suite. Should ROI […]