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A Strategic Research Approach

Vernon Research Group is an experienced, full-service market research provider that delivers more than expected for our clients. Our advanced research methodologies, combined with our superior customer service, give clients the reliable insights they need to make sound decisions, develop plans and move their businesses forward.  Our service lasts well beyond the completion of the research project as we assist with the communication and application of results.

Who we Serve:

We are curious about all types of businesses and organizations and have deep experience in a range of industries.We look forward to finding out more about a client’s customers, members, supporters or citizens by delving into the environments they operate and live in.  

Whether it’s a start-up business that needs feasibility studies or a large global company who wants to learn customer expectations through needs analysis or customer surveys, we’ll explore and reveal the type of insights that can be immediately applied to strategic and tactical initiatives.


“A great facility located in Cedar Rapids, IA.  Vernon provided a warm, friendly environment for participants and viewers – complete with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!  Their location was a little hard to find, but the accommodations were top-notch.  They were essential in turning the group session that night into a success.  Vernon went the extra mile to make sure my clients and the group participants felt right at home, which provided a great atmosphere for the discussion.”

Wayne Yocum, VP, Victory Enterprises

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