From the initial meeting to our final report, the process at Vernon Research Group is designed to conduct outstanding research, thoroughly answer your questions, and provide recommendations for applying the research findings that will benefit your business or organization.

At Vernon Research, we follow six steps that lead to the design and completion of research studies that have meaningful, real-world application.

The overall design of the research project is crucial because it guides and shapes the study. Good research design helps ensure project success. A properly designed project will offer valid, useful results and will yield actionable recommendations and implementation strategies that will enable you to make informed, deliberate business decisions.

At Vernon Research, elements of effective research design include:

    Step 1: Research Problem Definition
    Step 2: Sampling Strategies
    Step 3: Survey Instrument Development
    Step 4: Fielding
    Step 5: Analysis
    Step 6: Application



Our design and analysis team is at the heart of Vernon Research Group and our market research success. We place high value on multiple interdisciplinary perspectives and methods, which is why our research analysts and strategists come from a variety of backgrounds, including business, marketing, statistics, journalism and psychology. Our analysts are also trained experts in the field of survey design and analysis.

Our experienced research team will identify your research objectives and specifically engineer the most effective custom methods for obtaining the answers and insights you are looking to find. Then, our data collection specialists execute the research, reaching the people whose perspectives you need to hear. Our analysts will tabulate and analyze the findings and provide you with clear, easy-to-understand research conclusions. Finally, our strategists and analysts will take the conclusions and provide recommendations based on your study goals and business objectives.

At Vernon Research, our strategy involves a collegial approach. Working as a team, we collaborate on survey instrument development, analysis, conclusions and recommendations. This expert team assures that issues are examined from all possible angles, leading to more insightful, creative and authentic results for you.

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