Restructuring, consolidation and transformation are indicative of the insurance and financial services industry. Insurance and financial services providers need to keep abreast of the most current information concerning stakeholder expectations, preferences and customer behaviors in a shifting and forward-thinking industry. At Vernon Research, we conduct insurance and financial services market research to gather critical information on customer needs, market share, pricing, and consumer demographics that address who is buying, how they are buying, where they are buying and what is driving purchases and usage. We use advanced market research and analysis methodologies to provide recommendations to address specific challenges in marketing, channel strategy, new product and service development, branding and positioning and pricing.


We have conducted custom research programs for insurance and financial firms including

  • New product studies
  • Customer satisfaction baselines/trending
  • Customer service
  • Website utilization/online banking preferences
  • Communication preferences (e.g., paperless)
  • Agent needs/preference/satisfaction
  • Distribution satisfaction/preferences
  • Market penetration/expansion
  • New markets/new branches
  • Competitive measurements/insights
  • Brand equity
  • Advertising effectiveness/message tracking and trending
  • Newsletter/magazine testing
  • Message testing

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