The banking and credit union industry relies on a strong understanding of the critical factors impacting their customers, markets and brands. Organizations that achieve superior performance in customer retention and customer satisfaction grow and maintain loyal customers. Banks and credit unions often struggle with image and customer perception issues as well as maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. To remain competitive, banks and credit unions explore the possibility of expansion and use of technology. Vernon Research can gather information concerning reputation management, concept testing, new product development, market assessment and segmentation, brand awareness and pricing strategy issues that face managers on a regular basis.


We have conducted the following research for banks and credit unions

  • Market studies
  • New products/service tests
  • Brand/image and advertising measurement
  • Branch studies
  • New product and service testing
  • Customer experience
  • Competitive analysis
  • New markets
  • Competitive measurements/insights/analysis
  • Brand equity measurement and development
  • Advertising effectiveness/message tracking and trending
  • Newsletter/magazine testing
  • Message and image testing

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